Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Wonderland

First up we have Amarilys from To Mommy's Scrappin'. She entered her super cute Let it Snow Christmas Card. Chock full of glitter and dimensional snowflakes, this card would be like receiving your own personal winter wonderland in the mail!

Pearl from Beading Gem is up next with her cute little Silver and Gold Crystal Snowman earrings. These festive fellas are made from crystal encrusted balls and high quality Chinese clear crystal. They also feature a crystal collar (for a scarf!) and a sequin and gold-colored bead that make up their hat. How cute!

Last but not least is the Vintage Christmas Snowman Fun Pack from Melinda over at Crabapple Vintage. This adorable little collection includes: 1 green snowman cookie cutter (1970s), 1 postcard of snowman and woman skating, 1 packet of metallic candle-shaped sequins, 4 full sheets of Christmas stamps, plus one partial sheet (missing a Santa) and one extra stamp.

Monday, December 6, 2010

oh so quiet

First up we have Leslie from Leslie Lee Art with her infinitely calming "Seeking Center" limited edition giclee print. As Leslie says, this pastel (which depicts a yoga studio in Portland, Oregon) is "oozing with serenity."

Next is Kristin from loveartworks with her AWAKEN - Simple Soul Buddha with Gold Leaf Clay Wall Hanging. Kristin says "When I see this image of Buddha that I carved out of the clay, the closed eyes, the peaceful grace of the profile/portrait, my mind immediately starts to go into a calmer state and quiet begins to come in the midst of the constant stream of thought. It's actually an image I can use as a Meditation tool because of it's simplicity."

Last but not least we have Dona from Random Order with all of her thinking-outside-of-the-box fabulousness. Dona entered her Mary and baby Jesus necklace. As Dona says, the natural mother of pearl pendant looks like a peaceful mother and child...