Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't Be Sheepish!

Our first entry this week is this adorable vintage Folk Art Wooden Sheep from Suz of Simply Suzula. This little guy would look great in any country home!

Lisa from ThatOldBlueHouse2 entered her totally uniquely and incredibly cheerful Summer Sun Vintage Marble Necklace. I love how Lisa gives new life to these old marbles in an unexpected (and beautiful!) way.

Next up are these brilliant Ruby Chandelier Earrings from Elizabeth of Foret. Fun and funky, Elizabeth explains these beauties best: "These will kick the sheepishness right out of you! Be brave!"

This last entry came a little too late to be included in the vote, but I just had to include it here so that everyone can see how thinking outside of the box is encouraged. This oh-so adorable (and super FUNtabulous) dish is from Kristin of loveartworks. At first glance you might say, "How on earth does that fit with 'Don't Be Sheepish!'?!!!!" Well, Kristin explains it perfectly: "here are my 'Non-Sheepish' Penguins, shedding all their little inhibitions and going on a FUNtabulous balloon ride adventure!" When you think of it that way, they're kind of perfect, aren't they?

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Picnic in the Park

Our first entry for this week comes from Rebecca of Knee Deep Originals. She submitted her vibrant Summer Flowers wine glass charms. These beauties come in a set of six in different shades of your favorite summer blooms: lilacs, yellow daisies, pink peonies, purple irises, orange tiger lilies, and a sweet green for their stems-- perfect for a picnic with your closest pals!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Our last entry this week is from Rebecca of Knee Deep Originals. Her positively lovely High Hope Hollow oil painting is sort of an ode to summer. Full of images from around Rebecca's yard and garden during the growing season, this painting is just bursting with life.

When I saw this entry from Katie of BlackStar, I automatically thought of mermaids. This gorgeous Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace is so mystical and enchanting, it looks like should be worn by some mythical woman of the sea. Perhaps a wavy-haired siren who is trying to seduce a sailor? Or maybe it's just a regular old girl who keeps the key to her beloved old beach house around her neck...

Lisa from ThatOldBlueHouse2 is number four this week with her Sunset Vintage Marble Necklace. How cool is this?! I love the idea of using found objects to make gorgeous new pieces.

Mickey from BeggarsTombPottery is our third entrant.
She submitted her cute little Blue Marble Flip Flops wall decorations. When I think of fun in the sun, I automatically think of the beach-- and nothing screams "beach" better than a pair of flip flops!

Next up we have Rose from Waterrose.
She submitted her Fiesta Doodles Hand Embroidered Cuff.
Nothing says fun in the sun like an explosion of bright, beautiful colors! This cuff would go so well with just about any summery outfit in your wardrobe.

This week's first submission comes from Jean of 3Squares. She entered her oh-so gorgeous and unique Bananas Foster necklace, which is made with hand-cut sterling silver and mustard yellow silk. I love the combo of hard and soft and what better way to do it than with silk and an industrial-looking gear?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Wind and Water

Katie from BlackStar gives us our seventh entry this week,
with her gorgeous Caribbean blue Riding the Current earrings.
How great would they look paired with Sam's necklace?

Sam from City Road brings us to our sixth entry.
She submitted her Whirlpool necklace,
which is made out of glass and felt beads.
Those gorgeous blue beads are sure to catch everyone's eye!

Our fifth submission is from Mollie of Rough Magic Creations.
She entered her gorgeous Seventh Wave necklace,
which is made from gemstone and copper.
Wouldn't it look just stunning against sun-kissed skin?

Our fourth entry is from Karon of The Garden Shed.
She submitted her colorful 8 x 10 buoys photograph.
Doesn't this photo just scream summertime fun?!

Our third entry is from Gabriele of emmarts.
She submitted Wind and Water, the Coastal Weather,
an incredible mixed media piece that I'd love
to see hanging on my wall!

Our second entry is from Jill of Moonlight Beadworks.
She submitted her Sunset Dock Vintage Watch Case Necklace with Beaded Fringe because it reminds her of sitting out on the dock at her best friend's lake house in New Hampshire when she was young.

Our first entry this week is from Deanna of Zo-Be Designs.
She submitted her cool Deep Waters Memo Clips
(which are decorative decoupaged clothes pins).
What an awesome idea!