Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun in the Sun!

Our last entry this week is from Rebecca of Knee Deep Originals. Her positively lovely High Hope Hollow oil painting is sort of an ode to summer. Full of images from around Rebecca's yard and garden during the growing season, this painting is just bursting with life.

When I saw this entry from Katie of BlackStar, I automatically thought of mermaids. This gorgeous Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace is so mystical and enchanting, it looks like should be worn by some mythical woman of the sea. Perhaps a wavy-haired siren who is trying to seduce a sailor? Or maybe it's just a regular old girl who keeps the key to her beloved old beach house around her neck...

Lisa from ThatOldBlueHouse2 is number four this week with her Sunset Vintage Marble Necklace. How cool is this?! I love the idea of using found objects to make gorgeous new pieces.

Mickey from BeggarsTombPottery is our third entrant.
She submitted her cute little Blue Marble Flip Flops wall decorations. When I think of fun in the sun, I automatically think of the beach-- and nothing screams "beach" better than a pair of flip flops!

Next up we have Rose from Waterrose.
She submitted her Fiesta Doodles Hand Embroidered Cuff.
Nothing says fun in the sun like an explosion of bright, beautiful colors! This cuff would go so well with just about any summery outfit in your wardrobe.

This week's first submission comes from Jean of 3Squares. She entered her oh-so gorgeous and unique Bananas Foster necklace, which is made with hand-cut sterling silver and mustard yellow silk. I love the combo of hard and soft and what better way to do it than with silk and an industrial-looking gear?


  1. These are wonderful; such a delightful variation on the theme..and all gorgeous, too!

  2. Oh my gosh... what a fabulous group of entires... all so different and unique! Love 'em!