Thursday, September 23, 2010

Black and White

Our first entry this week is from our shiny new leader, Rose of Waterrose. Rose entered her Sheet Music Wrist Cuff. I don't know about you, but sheet music immediately makes me think of black and white and it brings back memories of playing the recorder in music when I was in grade school...
Next up, Suz from Simply Suzula entered her Vintage Luggage. Not only is this suitcase pretty cool, but "vintage" in itself also kind of connotes black and white to me...

Our third entry (which is already making more than we had last week!) is from Miss Mollie of Rough Magic Creations. Mollie entered her one-of-a-kind Moonbeam Sea Swirl Necklace with Shells. There's something so zen about this balanced beauty, isn't there?

Next we have Regina from VivatRegina and her Fly Away Angel earrings. These pretty metal wings are accented by a black glass bead. Incredibly versatile, it's hard to imagine an outfit they wouldn't work with!
Ames from Adorn by Amy Singley is next with her super cool Hypnotiste earrings. Fun and funky, these pretties are made of vintage black lucite that's engraved and painted white.

Our sixth lovely entry comes from Karon of Wild Woman Jewelry. She entered her oh-so chic Distressed Black and White Vintage Plastic, Sterling Silver and Gunmetal earrings. I love the pairing of the shabby chic teardrops and the shiny black rounds!

Next up if Elizabeth from Foret and her Tribal Feather earrings. These danglers are made from carved bone, black horn and sterling silver and feature "eyes" that are a symbol of protection from the "Evil Eye."

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