Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Power of Pink

Our first entry this week comes from Colette of Colette's Boutique. Colette entered her gorgeous Silver Wreath necklace. 6% of the proceeds of this piece (which is made of sterling silver and pink Swarovski crystals) will go to the American Cancer Society.

Next up is Stevie J from Designs by Stevie J and her Pink Ribbon for a Cure bracelet. Stevie says that this bracelet is "a reminder for all of us to take care of our monthly examinations." A percentage of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

Our third entry this week comes from Ames of Adorn by Amy Singley. The EtsyProjectEmbrace Breast Cancer Survivor - Awareness Bracelet, is a very meaningful one for Ames. The description in her listing explains: "Okay, so this is the piece that started it all. 8 years ago, as I battled this terrible disease, I found beading. During chemo, my body just didn't work but my mind did. Beading was my outlet and I made this bracelet to honor my sisters surviving this disease and those who want to show their awareness and support to the cause." This is the bracelet that led Ames to Etsy and to Laura and ultimately to the team. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Mollie from Rough Magic Holidays brings us our next entry with her Awareness is the Key Necklace for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Mollie says that when you wear this pretty piece "every gal you meet will be reminded that, until the cure is discovered, awareness really is the key to surviving!" 50% of the proceeds of this necklace will go to the American Cancer Society.

Our next entry is from Lana of Simple Joys Paperie. Lana entered her gorgeous Pink Shabby Chic Wreath, which is made from a vintage book. As Lana says in her description, this piece would make a great addition to any doctor's office or clinic waiting room during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 5% of the proceeds of this wreath will be donated to help cancer research and promote cancer awareness.

Gwen of Dancing in the Rains is next with her super cute Little Pinky. This sweet little kitty could brighten just about anyone's day when you catch a glimpse of her smiling face! 10% of the listing price will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Entry number seven comes from Pearl of Beading Gem. Her Love Slider Sterling Silver Pendant and Swarovski Crystal Necklace is a beautiful combination of pink rayon cords, glittering Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. 100% of net proceeds of this necklace (and anything else in Pearl's LIFE COLLECTION) goes to cancer research.

Our next super fabulous participant this week is Erica from Mazzy Jewelry Designs. Erica entered her Cherry Bomb necklace, which is made from hot pink dragon's vein agate and swirling sterling silver. 5% of this sale will go to The American Cancer Society.

Our last entry this week is from Anne-Marie of Lime in the Sky Designs. Anne-Marie entered her Pink Grapefruit Sunset Necklace, which is made with sterling silver, floating cherry quartz and a gorgeous cherry volcano quartz pendant. 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

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