Friday, January 7, 2011


Our first entry this week is from the lovely Anne of Wish Art Glass. She entered her oh-so pretty Festive Burst Fused Glass Light Catcher Suncatcher, which features a gorgeous pattern that just screams connectivity!

Stevie from Designs by Stevie J is next with her I Heart U necklace with interchangeable gems. Stevie chose to enter this piece because "this is a one of a kind treasure for a person who wants to show their love, devotion, and connection to a very special person in their life."

Next up we have Mollie of Rough Magic Holidays with her oh-so pretty Victorian Valentines Handmade Sweetheart Earrings. I love how all those pretty dangles connect right back to the heart!

Last but not least we have Joe from Prospero's Bookshelf with a set of 3 vintage postcards depicting scenes from the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Notice how all of the beams of the bridge connect to create one solid structure? I love it!

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