Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blessings for the Gulf Waters

Our first entry this week comes from Pearl of beadinggem. She gives us her sparkling Clear Cross Pendant. As Pearl said herself, "May the waters of the Gulf be clear again some day soon."

Next up we have Katie from BlackStar and her gorgeous Blue and Green Recycled Glass Necklace. The recycled glass beads remind Katie of the beach glass she finds along the Emerald Coast in Florida.

One of our newest members, Lana from Simple Joys Paperie, brings us our next entry: this incredible 1940 Vintage Book Wreath. Made from the upcycled pages of Kathleen Noris's book Maiden Voyage, this lovely wreath is just perfect for this week's theme.

Our next entry is this lovely "Dawn Koi Pond" large serving bowl from Kristin of loveartworks. Kristin said: "I knew this would be my entry as soon as I saw the title. I wish much Peace and Healing to the waters in the Gulf, (like this serene Koi pond) and Hope that one day they are restored to their former rich and diverse Glory and Abundance!"

Mollie from Rough Magic Holidays is next with her totally dreamy Beach Dream necklace. Made with creamy coin pearls, polished winkle shells, peachy red aventurine hearts and sparkly pictures, it's hard to imagine anything more beachy than this beauty!

Erica of Mazzy Jewelry Designs gives us our sixth entry this week with her beautiful sterling silver and glass earrings. Erica's description of them makes me long for a beachy getaway (guess I'll just have to settle for a tropical drink!): "These gorgeous earrings harbor waves of bright yellow and aqua blue cascading through them just like the sun on the water over a tropical island."

Next up is Malia of BeadFrenZ. She entered these royal blue freshwater pearl beads. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Just think of all the pretty pieces you could make with these!

Like all of her designs, this next entry from Jean of 3squares just oozes cool. Her Crab Cakes bracelet is a fitting reminder of the wildlife in the Gulf.

Last but not least, we have this beautiful stunner from Kasia of KasiaBlue. The description of Kasia's gorgeous Ocean Wave necklace says it all: "The call of the ocean lures you to its rhythmic motions as waves lap the sandy shores." Count me in!

This sweet piece from Suz of Polkadot Magpie came a little too late for the vote, but it just had to be included. Suz is donating the proceeds of her Help the Gulf Coast Bird Recycled Copper Pendant to OxFam America and the National Wildlife Federation through Click the link to find more items that donate to the cause.