Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Enjoying the Morning Dew

Pearl from Beading Gem is first this week with her shimmery Droplet Sterling Silver Elven Earrings. Look at how the light seems to just dance through those turquoise silver foil beads!

Jill from Moonlight Beadworks is next with her pretty little Handmade Brass Tag Branch Leaves Pendant Necklace. I love how she used green patina to make the leaves pop-- and that she photographed it in the rain so that you can see the little raindrops on her tag!

Erica from Mazzy Jewelry Designs is our third entrant with her Dew Drop earrings. The lovely sterling silver and sage green quartz earrings are so pretty-- especially when they catch the light and little hints of green and gray shine through!

Next up we have Rebecca from Knee Deep Originals with her oh-so colorful Grace of Morning Light painting. Can you hear those birds singing? I think I can!

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