Friday, August 6, 2010

Starry Night

First up this week we have Cathy from Celtic Cat Photos. How cool is her Tree Of Life With Star Field Fine Art 5 x 7 Photograph?! It's just perfect for this week's theme.

This second I knew what this week's theme would be, I thought of Rose from Waterrose and her Starry Night Hand Embroidered Cuff. This limited edition piece has amazed me since the first time I saw it. The detail is just incredible and it looks just like the Van Gogh piece that inspired it-- that's no easy feat!

Next up we have Rebecca from Knee Deep Originals with her awesome Night Sky scrimshaw bookmark. I just love Rebecca's description of her inspiration for this piece: "Where I live in the woods of North Carolina, with the mountains surrounding our little valley, we see thousands of stars at night. It's incredible to stand outside at night, with no street lights and no city lights, and look up into the vast sky filled with bright constellations and planets and stars."

Lastly, we have Mollie from Rough Magic Holidays.v She entered her oh-so lovely Look a Shooting Starfish Handmade Copper Necklace. How pretty is this little piece? I just love that hammered star!

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  1. Such a wonderful theme and all of these submissions are beautiful! :)