Monday, November 22, 2010

First Frost

First up, we have this glittering stunner from Stevie of Designs by Stevie J. Dubbed Ice Crystals, it's no stretch to see the connection between this bracelet and the brilliantly shiny crystals they're named after.

Next we have "Sugared Blur," a cool fine art photo from Gabriele of emmarts. This pretty macro is part of a kitchen series and was taken in Gabriele's Vancouver backyard.

Last but not least, we have this amazing shot from Kristin of loveartstudios. Entitled "Cracking," I love Kristin's description of how she happened upon this shot: "The air on this wintery New Hampshire afternoon was so brittle that I felt as though my breath would shatter as it left my body. The snow had that thin layer of ice on it that reflected pinpoint diamonds, and as I rounded a turn in the path, I glanced up the hill and saw these 5 trees lined up against the low glaring sun, and they looked as though they were cracking the sky."


  1. Nice seeing this frost in these forms! Beautiful entries! We are having our first Seattle snow fall of the season and real frost! I am much more liking these creative takes on it.

  2. Your print Gabriele is just gorgeous!!

    I just heard from my father in Idaho, and he said they have 8" and it is still coming down. I bet that storm will be in Toronto by the time I get there.

    I hope you are staying warm, Ginny and Gabriele!

  3. Kristin, that shot is simply stunning.