Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Time for Reflection

Our first reflective entry is from Ngan of Daily Dose. Ngan entered her Introspection necklace. The center of this necklace is a gorgeous genuine agate slice pendant which is accented by a tiny rough natural pyrite bead and a gunmetal chain.

Rebecca from Knee Deep Originals is next with her Homespun Girl CD. Rebecca chose her CD as her entry "because songwriting is very often a time of reflection and meditation."

Last but not least is Melinda from Crab Apple Vintage and her Vintage Santa Claus Cookie Cutter. Melinda says:
"This may not be the most profound entry, but when I look at this cookie cutter I envision my grandmother's kitchen and the frosted ginger cookies (Amazing!) that she made for Christmas. She frosted this shape in red. As a cookie, it's a bit of an odd Santa shape and you need to look at it closely to figure out what it is.

Specifically, I picture her drop leaf table (with bowl of fake fruit) where she would leave out pies and cookies for special occasions. At some point my dad stripped the green paint from that table and refinished it. It is gorgeous and after many years as my kitchen table it is now my sewing table.

It has been difficult for me to stay on topic because taking a moment to focus on this one idea lead to so many more memories. I'm alternately tearing up and smiling as I write this."

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