Monday, November 8, 2010


Our first entry this week comes from Stevie of Designs by Stevie J. Stevie says this bracelet, called Bracelet the Bride Loves, popped into her mind as soon she saw the theme of this week's Challenge. Stevie said "This last July my niece (Noelle) got married and asked me to make all of her jewelry and the gifts as well... I gave her this bracelet awhile ago, and she treasured it so much she made this color one of the main colors in her wedding."

Julie from Little Altars Everywhere brings us entry number two with her gorgeous Inspiration Altar Picture Frame. The words on this mixed media beauty say it all:
Memories - the priceless treasure of a life well spent.

Melinda from Crab Apple Vintage is next with her cool little vintage Cmielow Straw Mug Souvenir. As Melinda explains, this was probably a souvenir brought back from travels to Poland, and possibly for its original owner, a reminder of home.

Rebecca of Knee Deep Originals and her original oil painting Sweet Soul are next. Rebecca says: "I painted this a couple months after my precious Bruschi died, after months and months of illness and seizures. It was a release for me, and a way to honor him and his faithfulness and friendship. I used a very loose style and didn't paint him exactly as he looked (so I wouldn't have too hard a time letting it go) but instead tried to capture his soul. Haning on my wall is a portrait I did of him in a more realistic vein, with exact coloring and markings, but Sweet Soul is a more spirit-filled piece."

Our next entry comes from the always amazing Kristin of loveartsworks. Kristin entered her Hope Hummingbird Dish which is meaningful in oh-so many ways. I think it's best to let her words do the talking: "My Dad passed away last Spring and you may remember that the EPE Blog went live, actually on the day that he died, which at the time seemed bizarre, but now makes sense. My first Blog post which was 'published' 4 days later was titled "hummingbird Soul" and was all about gathering Strength and Hope. I actually took a lot of that post and reworked it and read it at my Father's Memorial. This dish was painted in Memory of my Dad, and it's for Charity Donation for Hospice, which were so amazing, I don't know how things would have gone without them."

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